Change default configuration

In the _config.js file, the most easy way to setup lume is by using the mod.js module in this way:

import lume from "lume/mod.ts";

const site = lume();

return site;

The function lume() creates a Site instance with default settings and some plugins configured, like Markdown, YAML, Nunjucks, etc.

If you want to setup lume from scratch, without this default configuration, you can import only the Site class in order to create an empty instance:

import Site from "lume/site.ts";

const site = new Site();

// Add stuff to your site here

return site;

The Site instance is empty, so you have to add any plugin or configure it somehow. For example, if you only need Markdown and Nunjucks, you could do something like this:

import Site from "lume/site.ts";
import markdown from "lume/plugins/markdown.ts";
import nunjucks from "lume/plugins/nunjucks.ts";

const site = new Site();

return site