Migrate from Eleventy

Eleventy is a great SSG with a big community. Lume was inspired in it, so if you have a Eleventy project and want to migrate to Lume (maybe it's not a good idea), or simply are familiar with Eleventy and want to see the differences with Lume, this short guide with the most important differences can help.


Template languages

Site build

11ty plugins

Lume has not yet support for server side rendering (but it's on the radar).
There isn't yet a plugin to manipulate images, because I didn't find any good image library for Deno.
Cache assets
There isn't any plugin for that.
You don't need a plugin to generate a RSS files in Lume. See this example
Syntax Highlighting
There's the code highlight plugin for that.
There isn't a plugin for that. But you can (partially) emulate it using the search helper.
Inclusive Language
There isn't a plugin for that (I'd love it).

Things that Lume does and Eleventy doesn't