Solutions to some common Lume problems.

How to export .css files?

How to export .js/.ts files?

How to export .svg files?

Remember that you can copy files without load them (which is faster) with site.copy().

How to generate non-HTML files?

By default, the files .md, .njk etc generate files with the .html extension. For example: / outputs /about-me/index.html. If you want a different extension, you have two options:

More info in this discussion.

How to insert variables in a markdown file?

Markdown is a format that simply parse and output html, but it doesn't have any way to insert dynamic variables. To do that, you must combine markdown with any other template engine that support variables, for example Nunjucks.

This is an example of a markdown file that use Nunjucks to insert variables and markdown to parse and output the final html code:

title: My post
templateEngine: njk,md

# Hello, this is the post title {{ title }}

More info about configure multiple template engines.