Getting started


Lume requires Deno (v1.18.1 or newer) being installed on your computer. Read the Deno installation instructions if you don't have it yet.

Install Lume on your computer

The easiest way to install Lume is by executing the following command:

deno run -A

Now you have the lume command.
Once installed, you can update Lume to the latest version by running:

lume upgrade

Note: If you get an error upgrading from an old versions of Lume, just install it again.

Use the command lume upgrade --dev to install the latest development version (the last commit in the Github repository). It's useful to test new features of Lume before released.

Execute it without install

The ci.ts file works exactly like the lume command but without installation. It's useful for CI environments:

deno run -A