YAML is format to save serialized data. It's enabled by default and is useful for pages with multiple pieces of text, like landing pages, guides, directories, etc.

Creating _data files

This format is useful for shared data, so you can create _data.yml or _data/*.yml files to save common variables.

Creating pages in YAML

This format can be used also to create pages, just add a file with .yml or .yaml extension to your site. For example:

title: Welcome to my page
layout: layouts/main.njk
intro: |
  This is my first post using lume
  I hope you like it!

  - title: Design
    image: img/section1.jpg
    text: I design beautiful and accesible websites

  - title: Development
    image: img/section2.jpg
    text: And can write HTML and CSS code!

You will need a layout to render this page and generate the HTML:

    <title>{{ title }}</title>
      <h1>{{ title }}</h1>
      <p>{{ intro }}</p>

    {% for section in sections %}
      <h2>{{ section.title }}</h2>
      <img src="{{ section.image }}">
      <p>{{ section.text }}</p>
    {% endfor %}